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          C.I. Analytics provides innovative analytical solutions for laboratories and manufacturing processes.The greater part of our analyzers utilize proven dry-colorimetric methods of analysis in order achieve the exceptionally low-level impurity detection ranges you demand.

          What’s most important to us is what you take to heart. C.I. Analytics follows stringent quality standards and we base most of our analysis on known ASTM or UOP methods (application specific).In fact, we have even been called upon to provide ground breaking work to standardize new testing methods, such as, UOP 799-08 for Chlorine in Liquid Hydrocarbons.

          At C.I. Analytics we work on providing you with the best solution for your requirements.For the past 12 years we have been delivering on our promises and we can work with you to customize your analyzer to ensure your needs are met with minimal interruption to your operations.

          Talk to us today and find out how we can make your analytical world a better place!

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